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The ME-list is an internet digest for exchanging information relating to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and autism.


How to subscribe to the ME-list

Send an email message to: rallen@iupui.edu 

Your message should have the words "subscribe to me-list" in the subject line and the following in the message part:

1) a clear statement that you wish to join the me-list

2) if you are the parent (or close relative) of a child with autism, clearly say so.

3) if you are not the parent (or close relative) of a child with autism, state a reason for wishing to join the list and
also give the following information:
- your name
- the organization or school system that you work for
- the location of the organization or school system that you work for
- your position in that organization or school system

4) clearly indicate whether you want to receive the list as individual postings or in digest format (see below).

Individual postings versus digest format

Approximately 30-50 messages are generated on the me-list every day. As a member, you can receive these messages in one of two alternative formats - as individual postings or as "digests".

Individual postings - if you choose this format, you will receive each message as it is sent to the list - i.e. you will receive 35-50 individual messages each day.  Advantages of this format - easier to read messages, easier to save and print specific messages and discard others. Disadvantages of this format - if you don't read your mail often enough you will end up with hundreds of messages to wade through; your emailbox may overflow more rapidly; if you use compuserve (which charges on a per message basis) it will be expensive.

Digest format - if you use this format, you will be sent 2-3 "digests " per day. Each digest contains 5-20 messages concatenated together. You will still receive all of the same information as you would if you were receiving individualized postings - but you receive it in a small number of discrete packets of information. Advantages of this format - less clutter in your emailbox, easier to deal with if you don't read your mail often, may be cheaper Disadvantages of this format - may be harder to download (depends on which internet provider/software you use), may be more difficult to selectively save/print certain specific messages (again, depending on your

The default on the me-list is the digest format - i.e. unless you specifically request otherwise in your subscription request,  you will receive postings in digest format. However, you can switch from one format to another  whenever you wish.


Steve Smith/Maceo Boston
CSI 128-400
Revised: December 10, 2000